Parent Guide to Summer, by Donna Lasinski

donna-lasinski-author-parent-guideThe Parent Guide to Summer offers parents the resources and insights to support their students summer reading, writing and math practice. Written in easy to understand “parent language”, the guide includes math games, reading tips, writing activities and summer fun ideas shared by parents.  Available in Spanish and English.

Developed based on experience and interviews with families, students, and teachers, the Parent Guide to Summer is an invaluable resource.





ThinkStretch Summer Learning Activity Books, by Donna Lasinski


“Read Think Laugh Grow” is the motto on the cover of every ThinkStretch Summer Learning Book.  Donna Lasinski has created a balance of fun and skill review for students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Based on extensive education research, ThinkStretch Summer Learning books focus on choice reading, math computation and concept review, writing activities and science based bonus activities.

Animated by the characters Professor and his Brain, kids appreciate the humor in each book as the brain occasionally finishes a math problem for them.

Donna has the unique ability to listen to and truly understand what teachers, parents, and kids want out of their summer.  Her Summer Learning Activity books maintain student skills while the kids have fun and the parents appreciate the simplicity of the program.

ThinkStretch graphic novel stories


“The Brain and the Pizza Zombie” is the graphic novel woven throughout the 4th grade heading to 5th grade book.  Like pencil drawings in the margins of MAD magazine, each ThinkStretch Summer Learning Activity book has its own unique story.

As the students move through their elementary school summers, Brain grows and explores new life experiences with them, much to the delight of parents and kids alike!