Coming Soon: New ThinkStretch Materials!

ThinkStretch Brain

The medals are flying out the door to celebrate all of the students and families who have kept their school year skills over this summer!

I have been listening to parents this summer who are concerned with how to keep a strong learning environment in the home. Many parents loved the opportunity to have fun with their child while adding a learning component. A few parents have likened it to having a really good food that is good for you too!

So, after much thought, talking and listening, I have decided to write some more for parents and kids. For parents, I am thinking about a Parent Guide to School focused on building learning into every day and interacting positively with children around school. For kids, I am hearing that they want to see more of Brain. Brain engages them, makes them laugh and understands that the life of child is about learning from all kinds of experiences.

Is there something you’d love to see as a part of the program? Leave a comment below!

I need to get to work now! I hope to have some new materials to preview this fall!


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